✿ Being a Girl ✿

♔ I'm more lost and out of place than ever
♔ I've lost a part of me
♔ Instagram: Fchesca8 🔐
♔ Hipster side of tumblr 🌹🌻🌼
👌 Non of the photos are mine 👌
me looking at thing:yooooo
me looking at price:nooooo


do you ever like someone so much. you just imagine all the things you could do together and you just constantly think about that person almost every breathing minute and just wish you could be together

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the worst part about ugly dudes is everyone defends them like ‘he’s really funny though’ or something but if a chick is ugly to someone they just straight up dirt like they might as well not even have a personality 

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when a hot person comes up to you


"hey your friend is cute"


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